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Originally Posted by milw96cobra
if youou lower it too much, you're gonna be putting ALOT of stress on the Ball Joints... because the pivot point of gravity on the car will be UNDER the ground... eventually you'll end up breaking the ball joints and having them pop whenever you go over a bump. It's not pretty to listen to... trust me.

If you're gonna slam your car more than 1 1/2 inches, have the Steeda X2 Ball Joints installed as well.... They are oversidezed and meant for cars when they're lowered

Also, remember to get an alignment after you lower it, because it will surely be way out of spec.
I am beginning to wonder if my ball joints have gone out on my 96. Whenever i hit a bump or do a corner reasonably fast, it will occasionally do a loud pop. It seems to come from under the console, but i am just not sure about what the problem could be.

And there have been no suspension mods (that I can tell) that have been done to it.
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