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Got mine in the mail today and I have to say I was a bit set back from trouble written in this thread earlier. Didn't get my airaid yet but loaded the intune 91 tune anyway.
Update went smoth as well as loading the tune. Started the car and idle was perfect. Went for some back road testing where there was concrete highway roads for some stop and goes and roll ones. Seat of the pants feel was good with very much noticeable throttle response. Car hooks good on concret road so I could get the best feel with minimal wheelspin. Ran through the rpm without any knock or ping. End result I'm very pleased and relieved.
Would purchase again with my results and once I feel mods exceed the ability of the caned tunes ill contact Bama. I feel bad for anyone that had problems. But I felt compelled to post my results to show that bad results may be a fluke. There isn't to much feedback from others out there from what I seen so I thought I should post mine? Once I get a few more toys I'll head to the dyno but as much as I know that feel can be deceiving, there is no doubt I got noticeable gains and throttle response is perfect. Sorry for the long write up.

2013 Mustang GT: Sterling Gray - I'll post mods when warranty is up. ;-)
2002 Charcoal Grey GT: UD pullies, steeda springs & shifter, MM subframe, 75mm TB, CAI, tune, 373's, intake plenum, magnaflow exhaust(Replaces the 13 for bad weather)
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