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Update in intune install. Got my Airaid today, installed it and loaded the 91 cai tune. Then I did the idle calibration upon first startup and the idle is even at a better rpm than before, when I did tune install without idle relearn. Before it was a little low I say around 600 rpm but after latest install and relearn is steady at 750 rpm.
I must say my 02 gt nor my 2010 challenger r/t didn't respond this good to a tune and cai. Even my wife went for a ride and said my next mod to install is going to have to be a barf bag cause the butter flies it gave her. Ha friggen ha! Couldn't be more pleased.

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2013 Mustang GT: Sterling Gray - I'll post mods when warranty is up. ;-)
2002 Charcoal Grey GT: UD pullies, steeda springs & shifter, MM subframe, 75mm TB, CAI, tune, 373's, intake plenum, magnaflow exhaust(Replaces the 13 for bad weather)
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