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The dealer is wanting me to come in monday morning before I leave for Colorado to try to duplicate it. In the previous posts I saw the thing about stalling it in 3rd and then restart it and accelerate to 40 while making a sharp turn. Is that what made yours duplicate it? Just want to make sure before I get down there... thanks

The dealer told me I could only get a rental covered for 10 days. After that I had to pay for it. They've had the car since monday and ive had a rental since wednesday. They are waiting on a driveshaft from detroit that wont be in till tuesday/wednesday for the rpm problem and then they are hoping to have an answer on the advanctrac issue as well. I leave for colorado this monday in my other vehicle and my wife and kids will remain here. They can't be without a car if this takes longer than friday. Can anything be done with this? Also, did you get my PM with all the requested info?

Thank you 11Red and Deysha
Chances of the dealer duplicating it are Extremely small.
Also mine has always freaked out while going in a straight line, so have the others with this problem. It just always happens right after making a hard turn, usually with a full tank of gas. The dealer never duplicated mine they had it for 10 days. Ask for a Vehicle Data Recorder to be installed after they don't duplicate it. A GT500 guy on another forum could duplicate his on demand. If you have a manual transmission aka MT82 you can try his technique and see if yours flares up.

Also Deysha should be in Monday morning and start responding to her PMs, unless she is taking time off.
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