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Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post
Chances of the dealer duplicating it are Extremely small.
Also mine has always freaked out while going in a straight line, so have the others with this problem. It just always happens right after making a hard turn, usually with a full tank of gas. The dealer never duplicated mine they had it for 10 days. Ask for a Vehicle Data Recorder to be installed after they don't duplicate it. A GT500 guy on another forum could duplicate his on demand. If you have a manual transmission aka MT82 you can try his technique and see if yours flares up.

Also Deysha should be in Monday morning and start responding to her PMs, unless she is taking time off.

Thanks for the reply. You've been really helpful. I do have the MT82 so I'll try GT500's way. I mentioned the VDR to my service tech today and he seemed a little put off by it. With Deysha's help I will demand they put that in though. I'll do my best to duplicate the issue on monday morning. I just hope they have a large parking lot or something I can do it in. Seeing I almost lost control when the tires started locking I'm not too excited about trying to get it to happen on public roads with traffic. All else fails I'll take it to Colorado with the VDR installed and go out to the closed airport and just spend the day trying. At least there I don't have to worry about hitting anything.

Thanks again guys

I'll keep everyone on here updated on it and any resolutions.
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