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Originally Posted by alpinedaddy View Post
Thanks for the reply. You've been really helpful. I do have the MT82 so I'll try GT500's way. I mentioned the VDR to my service tech today and he seemed a little put off by it. With Deysha's help I will demand they put that in though. I'll do my best to duplicate the issue on monday morning. I just hope they have a large parking lot or something I can do it in. Seeing I almost lost control when the tires started locking I'm not too excited about trying to get it to happen on public roads with traffic. All else fails I'll take it to Colorado with the VDR installed and go out to the closed airport and just spend the day trying. At least there I don't have to worry about hitting anything.

Thanks again guys

I'll keep everyone on here updated on it and any resolutions.
Originally Posted by 65sohc View Post
This is an "interesting"topic, but certainly not in a good way. A friend of mine is a cop and has been through the California Highway Patrol EVOC training. He's got a '13 GT M6. Last week while accelerating around a slow moving vehicle at about 40 mph his car went out of control and he ended up doing a 180, facing oncoming traffic.
This is what we're coming to:

"Smart-Braking Cars Save Fuel. March 24, 2009 -- Drivers willing to turn braking and acceleration over to a computer could save nearly 25 percent on their annual gas bills, say the British developers of an advanced new cruise control system.
Known as Sentience, the system uses GPS technology coupled with detailed topographical information to control the gas pedal and brakes. If alone on the road, all the driver has to do is steer.
"The car speeds up, slows down at speed humps, and stops at all the junctions without the driver having to intervene," said David Overton of Ordnance Survey, the U.K. government agency that provided the map information for the Sentience Project."
Just clarifying, his advanctrac caused him to spin out?
If so you should point him to the forum, my other advantrac thread, and Deysha.
I linked the GT500 guy's post on how he got his to fail on command on one of these advanctrac threads. If I had a manual I'd definetly give his method a shot, otherwise It's a once a month random event.
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