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Originally Posted by alpinedaddy View Post
11Red3.7, Thanks for all of your posts on this forum. If not for you and the others that have posted about this I would have been completely clueless! I have told the dealership about this thread and they seem to not care. THey have had my stang since Monday and don't expect to have answers till mid-late next week. Hopefully with Deysha's help I can get answers. Just like you said, I had just filled my tank and was in fact going around a 45-60 degree corner. So it seems to be a fault when doing that.
This has thrown my move all out of whack and will be costing me a few grand due to delays. Not fun.
Thank you so much for all the information.
Thanks for the PM, alpinedaddy! Iíll get back to you as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post
You're Welcome AD, I think if all 30 to 35 people on the forums with this problem had all escalated their Advanctrac problems thru Deysha and kept on with their dealership to get it fixed we'd have this thing completely whooped by now. Maybe.

Thanks, 11Red3.7!

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