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Cool Thanx fellas!!

My wife has a '02 3.8, with 55K miles/ It started "lurching" a bit, usually around 65mph at first, then a little more often. I went and got plugs, air/fuel filter just to start with..........boy am I glad I found this site before I did anything ! I have a '68 Firebird, an "80 L82 Corvette, and a '73 Ranchero.....needless to say, there was not nearly as much room to work in with the 'stang! I'd rather work on my "old" cars anyday! I said, good thing I checked here first, it would have taken me hours to figure out that *amn fuel filter clip gizmo, if I would have figured it out at all! Went to OReilly's and got the clip kit $8 (good for AC units too, so that may come in handy someday), and the plugs were no picnic either(compared to my other cars).

I am happy to report that her car runs great now, no hesitation and am expecting a little better mpg, which does not suck, especially now. Thanx for the site/help. Now I gotta go back and read the past threads to "catch up".


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