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Originally Posted by StangLx50
Well i guess i could put it this way, i drive it everyday, don't beat on it, we all step on it now and then otherwise we'd drive hybrids, and i drive on the expressway 1-2 times out of the month. Not to mention the car only has 36,000 miles and when my loan is payed off i'm trading it in for a new one anyway, think i'll switch back to a v8 depending on how much hp the v6 has in 5 years. Drove a 5.0 before this but i really do like the v6 and the saved money from insurance and gas, main thing i miss is the exhaust rumble that obviously you can't replicate. If it didn't go through winters i would supercharge it but i highly doubt superchargers are good for winter, haha
actually, centrifugal SC units have no effect on winter driving. They really don't do much until 3000 RPMs. If you're diving at 3,000 RPMs in winter weather, you're just thinning the herd, anyway.

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