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Originally Posted by ShadowFist
Was there any particular reason why you recommended the 3.73's for the manual and the 4.10s for the autos?
Because they are the best for the powerband of a V6 and the low redline. Also the manual doesn't need the extra gear like an auto does. Here are the gear ratios for a 5-speed and an auto. Also 4.10's on a 5-speed would put you into 5th at the track if you ever want to trap above 102, which hard shifting and putting a lot of power into 5th is a big no no.

1st 3.35
2nd 1.99
3rd 1.33
4th 1.00
5th 0.68

1st 2.84
2nd 1.55
3rd 1.00
4th 0.70
5th N/A

Originally Posted by kscoyote
yeah, but all that stuff can be done month to month.

If you've got a big sum, I'd drop it on the SC unit or port & polish for NA(big ticket items) and sweat teh small stuff later.
I would be a little hesinant to put a supercharger on a car with a stock rearend and suspension. It is a general rule of thumb to build the base of the car (suspension, rearend, tires) before you get into the power category. You probably meant that he could do both when build his supercharger or engine but just stretched over a longer period of time.

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