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Question Headlight/window/windshiels wiper problem, Help!!

My 2001 Mustang recently was broken into. The radio was stolen. I did not know that the wires in the radio were touching there for sparking. So when I noticed it I taped them up and repalced some fuses that had been blown. Now my question... is it possible that the sparks from the wires cause the windshield wipers,drivers side window, and head lights not to work. Also... I was getting my routine oil change and the guys told me that I had a crack in my battery... so I had it replaced... Could that have anything to do with the other problems going on??? I am so frustrated... 1) radio is gone 2) windshield wipers do not work 3) a week later the drivers side window does not work 4) head light goes out....HELP PLEASE I WILL TRY EVERY THING THAT I CAN... THANKS CH6916

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