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Originally Posted by Millz View Post
This all looks awesome. How sturdy is the back rest area where the subs are sitting? Wouldn't mind seeing a picture from inside the trunk to see how it sits up .. Been wanting to do this with mine just worried it wouldn't hold up over time.

Both of the subs are in their own sub box. I made the boxes of MDF and classfiber. Boxes are bolted to the car so they will not move or make resonance. There is also a lot of Dynamat on the cars floor and sides. The whole sub box project wasn't an easy task to do, but it was worth for it!

I tried to make the trunk to look as OEM, and here is a pic of it, please check:

The size of the trunk is now half of the original, but there is enough room for some stuff when going to carshows etc.

Here is a couple of pics more, just for show:

I finally got my Bluethooth working so now i don't need anymore any cd or memory sticks. I have all the music in Spotify in my phone with me. It's easy to play songs, videos and stuff also outside car in shows. Like it a lot.

Here is one more of the interior. Red lights in the amplimiers looks nice when it's dark, and I have also some red led lights under the amplifiers, but they are not on in this pic.

Can't wait to get back on the road, in Finland there is A LOT of snow now and I have to wait for the springtime to come... AAARGH!
So the car is still in the carage, waiting... ... ... :smilie
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