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Originally Posted by PancakeOfDoom
alright, i have an '01 v6 auto (sob sob), i already have a dual exhaust H pipe (catted) w/ flowmaster mufflers coming from shorty headers, and that's about it. for the time being i want to stay below $1k. i was thinking about underdrive pulleys, a CAI, and a chip to start with. won't be doing this for another couple of months cuz i'll need to get my old job back first..., but just to last til then i'll be grabbing a K&N air filter (worth the money?). are those OK for starters? or should i be looking somewhere else? any particular order they should be done in if at all (i.e save the chip for last maybe)?

also..., w/ the exhaust, mufflers, and headers, how much total HP at the wheels should i be looking at? unfortunately i haven't had my car dynoed yet.

sorry for so many questions in a first post...

thx in advance and srry for any typoes

*EDIT* btw, i eventually want to get it over 300hp, not sure if it will be w/ the stock motor or not, cuz my dad has a 289 that is in good shape lying around. when i move out in a year i will see if i can convert it to a manual easy nuff, but before that i'll drop in some 3.73 gears.
hp is gonna' depend on the diameter of the catback.

IF you're gonna' get the K&N, it'll be worthless when you get your CAI.

You can do the chip/CAI/UDPs, but if you want anywhere near 300 hp, you're going to need a P&P and a cam.

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