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Originally Posted by ShadowFist
What year mustang do you have, and would they vary at all between 94-98 years?
I have a 1995 Convert. For some reason I kept the e-mail reply from the vendor and the actual verbage they used is: Your order details are, 1x - ASP826300 - ASP V6 Underdrive Pulley for 94-98 3.8 Mustang Options: = $71.95.

From that I gather that the same set up will fit all 94-98 V6 Stangs. Now watch,....some poor guy will order it for his '97 and the dam thing won't fit that year for some goofy reason. All I know is it buttoned in my '95 without a whimper.:eyepoppin

'95, white convertable, auto trans, under drive pulley, cai, 3:73 gear. Just enough snap for a 62 year old kid! (my wife's a blond so the top MUST be down, or she won't get in!!)
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