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Originally Posted by kscoyote
Depends on how much stereo-AV equipment you have or are planning to get. The 3.8L is used in a ton of applications, one of which requires substantial power to run the accessories -Specifically, the minivan, which requires a lot of the compressor and alternator to cool the vehicle, and to run the television screens, dvd, vcr, laptops, etc. So the accessories run like mad, taking a lot of power from the engine.

The Mustang is a lot smaller vehicle, and doesn't have all the cooling & electrical requirements. You can slow down the accessories by 42% and free up 12-15 hp that's used to power a minivan's requirements. A side benefit is that you also extend the life of the accessories because they're not spinning like crazy.

You do this by installing a smaller crank pulley. It takes 30-45 minutes to install.
I have a decent stereo with an aftermarket amp, subwoofers, aftermarket speakers. I'm not sure how much wattage/amperage it draws. How do I know how low I can go with the pulley?
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