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Originally Posted by Scott Holmes
Need some help. I own a 2001 V6 Mustang. While driving last night it was running fine and all of a sudden it missed a little, then about 20 seconds later it lost all power and came crusing to a stop only to idle very rough. I turned it off checked the oil and all the obvious things and then re-started it. It started but would only run at an idle (very roughly) even if the accellerator was on the floor at full throttle. I tapped the throttle up and down rapidly and then the engine seemed to return to a normal operation. I drove the car home (about three miles from where this took place) and pulled it into my garage. I then shut the car off, waited a few seconds and started it again. The car started but wanted to idle really rough again. When I gave it some throttle and ran the engine at around 2000 rpm for a few seconds, and then let off of the throttle, the engine seemed to once again run ok and idle smoothly. Every time I stop and restart it, it does the same. I have not driven it again for fear of getting stuck on the side of the road. I pulled the fuel filter off, and the fuel that drained out onto a paper towel looked sort of dirty. I can blow throught the filter although it does seem to have a little restriction and thought I would replace it to see if this could be the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Could a slightly restricted fuel filter cause these symptons? My only experience with fuel filters has been either the car runs or it doesn't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks fellas.

Scott Holmes
It could be your fuel filter, it could be your MAF. replace your filter, and spray the MAF with computer contact cleaner. It could also be your wires are cross firing.

how many miles are on the car?

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