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Originally Posted by Scott Holmes
Thanks for the clarification. Regarding the wires crossfiring, are you referring to a problem inside the distributor? What could cause this and what do you suggest I do to know if this is what is causing the problem? Also, what could I do to correct it? Thanks for your help.
there no distributor, you've got a coilpack, look at the wires, and see if any of em are cracked or worn. if the spark jumps, when you go faster than idle, it can fire the wrong plug, etc. After 4 years, the wires might just be old. If you start the engine at night with no light, you'll see the sparks jumping.

you might also check for a vacuum leak aft of the MAF, make sure all teh hoses are tight & sealed.

you're going to have to take off the MAF to clean it . . .

With so few miles, those are the only things I can think of, but you might pick up a Chiltons or a Haynes manual and run through the troubleshooting section.

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