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Originally Posted by Gironating Rat
me and my friends found this abandoned strip where we mess around with our cars, and i wanted to see how fast my 94 v6 would go. as i was in 5th gear, i felt the engine sorta die, and i slowed down a bit, and then it came back, couple seconds later died again. i noticed this happened at about 114 mph, and also 3k rpms. is there an rpm limiter, or a speed limiter somewhere? or does it have anything to do with the ecu (i think thats what its called). is there anything i can do to get rid of this and make it go faster? not that im gonna do this in a public road or highway, but just wanna see how fast i can make my car go. its all stock, except the guy i bought it from put a custom dual exhaust.
There is a Speed limiter, and you'll need an electronic tuner to take it off.

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