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touche....touche, wouldnt wanna blowout my tires. now, im thinking of upgrading my dash as well, as the max on the speedometer is marked at 120. 136 seems reasonable, since 115 is @3k rpms, so maybe it can hit bout 136 before the 5k redline. i checked online what stock tires my car came with.....P205/65R15's dont know what stock are rated. what i got on right now are Toyo Proxes H4 size 225//60R15 95H's. now, im in not mistaken, H rating can handle up 130, so i should be fine for now, as long as i dont push it too much past 130 once i get the tuner, then when these tires wear out, imma replace em with V rated or higher, ill figure it out later.
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