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Originally Posted by illinoisstang
if it is a vacuum leak,would that make the ticking noise loud?it doesnt tick when its cold.only when it heats up.then sometimes when it does tick,its not as loud as other times.the noise almost sounds like the ticking that fuel injectors make only the check engine light is on.other than that everything is great except i have a warped brake rotor.this is the first mustang i have owned so having problems doesnt impress me,but no car is perfect.....
Vacuum leaks usually don't tick, they hiss . . . if they make any sound at all.

Wait, what year is your car?

nevermind. 1995! It's probably the exhaust manifold gasket. I think there was a voluntary recall on those. They go out fairy regularly on those cars. It's a piece of cake to fix on your own, but they'll just put a better gasket on.

or it could be where the manifold meets the pipes.

Pick one up from Mr. Gasket, and it should be fixed for the life of the car.

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