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Originally Posted by philmac
Well I bought a 04 v6 mustang about a year ago, and been putting mods on ever since. Right now I've got Mac dual exhaust with h-pipe and BBK CAI. Also max micro tuner coming in the mail. Well 2 months ago I raced a 2000 v6 camaro automatic with bolt on's and full exhaust including headers. We did several digs and a lot of rolls. From a dig we stayed even until my high third gear where I began to pull ahead all the way to 110mph. Then just this week we raced again for the hell of it and he swore nothing else has been done to his car. He pulled in my late 2 and 3 gears, I eventually caught him at 100+ mph basically from my advantage of having a 5 speed. I began to suspect a loss of power for some reason. Well than just yesterday my friend bought 2001 v6 mustang manual bone stock. We raced from several rolls and he actually pulled in second slightly. Then we did a 3 gear roll and he pulled again, I won every race due to my shifting but pissed me off about my mods not doing anything or have i lost power somewhere. Any Info or Idea's would be appreciated, hopefully the programmer will turn things around. Later Mac
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