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Originally Posted by BHosek View Post
When adding the add a circuit to get 12v power for the amp turn on I will replace the existing fuse in port A (on the add a circuit) and what size/amp fuse should I add on for port B (to the amp which is a 400 watt amp). I read to use a 10 amp fuse max for the add a circuit. Would there be any issue with using too powerful a fuse (say 10 amp when only 7 or 3.5 amp is needed)? I also plan on using the same add a circuit process to get 12v switched power to my aftermarket sony xplod head unit. Same question here; what size/amp fuse should I add on? THX
BHosek, you've resurrected an ancient thread!
The 400 watts really means nothing here, I'm sure that is Peak Power not RMS(Root Means Squared) which is the only output that actually matters. But the key is DO NOT use a larger amperage fuse than what is required, it is there to protect your electronics and your car from catching fire if a short circuit or other overdraw occurs. The fuse ratings should be in the manuals for your headunit and amplifier use exactly those ratings.

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