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The backseat is easy, Gently pull up on the cushion of both driver and passenger side. You will see a small white colored catch with a button, depress the buttons and pull up, the bottom cushions should come out, they are bulky so you have to carefully route them out of the car if you plan to work in the rear. The back rest is a little more complicated and involes unbolting the package tray headrest ans unbolting the backrest frame from the car, these also come out together as a pair. Unfortunately the fading headlamps that are all to common to most Fords is irreversable. Ford hasnt bothered to fix the problem. There are treatments out there to remove most of the fade but it eventually comes back. Try using a really good cleaner wax (such as Zymöl or Mothers) and a wax pad, buff off with a soft terry towel. I ended up saving up my $$$ and replacing the headlamps on my 99 with the 02-04 Black outs :thumbup . I recommend using only OEM since aftermarkets fade faster and tend to let in moisture. I also used one of those clear UV protective films that are desinged to protect your headlamps. You can get them in different colors depending of the manufacturer.
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