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Calm down sport. Let me guess. Head gasket blow? That's what happened to mine last year. I think the 3.8 is one of the most mass produced least liked motors in fords inventory. But you do have some options. Some of them are cheaper than others.

The thing to remember is it's not really the parts that are expensive it's the labor.

1. These are the part numbers for fords remanufactured 3.8's. didn't list a price so I don't know how much you'll spend. I'd say between 3-5 grand. Depending on the labor.
[Ford Remanufactured Part Number] 6K-530-AA, 6K-531-AA
Motorcraft Remanufactured Part Number] F6ZZ-6V012AARM

2. This option I would use if my 95 3.8 wasn't my only car.
This is the only guy that I know of that rebuilds of 3.8 and offers a stoker kit for them.

4.0L Stroker Kit consists of-
light weight cast steel crank, forged connecting rods, hypereutectic pistons, performance piston rings, Clevite or SpeedPro bearings- $1,550.

4.0L Stroker Short, consists of- engine block, pistons, rings, connecting rods, performance crankshaft(your choice) performance camshaft, bearings, timing chain, balanced & assembled- $2,550.

4.0L Stroker Long Block, consists of-
all the above plus heads(match porting, 3 angle valve job, custom head stages avail)FelPro gaskets,roller lifters, hardened pushrods, roller rockers, balanced & assembled- $3,500.

4.0L Stroker Complete Engine, consists of-
all the above plus, timing cover, intake manifold(match porting) and oil pan- $4,000.

He can make you an engine up to 4.4L but it's more expensive. The upside is you get a sweet ass motor from a shop who only does 3.8's. The down side to this is the cost of shipping plus you still have to pay for installation.

2. The junkyard option is always there but I would be hesitant to do that for the simple fact that the 3.8's had such a problem with their head gaskets. You might have a "new" motor but you might also inherent another expensive problem.

3. This outfit has a 3.8 rebuild but it doesn't have any of the perks of the morana engines like ported polished heads, intake e.t.c. The engines are cheaper costing about 1900 bucks.

So this should at least point you in the right direction. Good luck with what ever you choose.
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