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Voltage drops to capacitor?

Hey everyone, I've got an issue that just recently came up. My setup: 2 Orion 10", 2 mono 500W JL amps (1 each), 2 JL audio 6.5 components (front/rear), 360W 4 ch amp for those, Kenwood deck. All amps run to 1.5 capacitor.

I had these in the trunk originally (see pics), then moved them to the rear seat about 2 months ago. Well about 3 or so weeks ago it started, the speakers intermittently cut out when I'm driving. The cap is behind the driver seat, and I happened to look at it (yes while driving), and when the speakers go out the cap says "LO". Normally I'm getting 14.2+ volts reading almost constantly.

So I don't know if I'm getting voltage drops (I never notice any other electrical anomolies at all) or if I'm drawing too much of the capacitor? It'll happen usually when I change gears (rev changes) or coming to a stop, which leads me to believe it's a change in voltage (meaning need new alt/batt), but it never was an issue before. Also, doesn't matter if I'm pushing them hard or listening rather quietly.

So, what do you think?

Previously mounted in trunk:

Rear Seat install:


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