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Originally Posted by mac_mogul
I strongly disagree.
I put platinum plugs in my 03 V6 and I got a HUGE increase in performance with no additives.

But also, I think that ALWAYS adding octane boost to every full tank... that seems a bit like overkill... Perhaps once in a while, when you knew you were going to need a bit of a boost... like the day before you hit the track or something, but if you're not planning on racing, I don't think you'd really need it.
And, I'm pretty happy with my Goodyear Eagles. They're not expensive, I'm getting good wear, and I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything performance wise either.
actually, as long as you have stock timing, it makes no difference. The computer runs based on 87 octane fuel. THe only way you'll pick up any performance is if your gas station is ripping you off by running Colorado 86 octane fuel, or worse.

If your spark plugs have a lot of deposits from bad gas (and there are a LOT of stations selling bad gas), you'll see a noticeable pick-up. If you run QT or Shell fuel, or some other petroleum engineer certified fuel, you won't notice much of a difference from a plug swap.

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