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Originally Posted by 98Sallie
You guys are fun. My Sallie is a 98. I haven't noticed a great deal of change with the platinum plugs but, my buddy recommended that I give 'em a try. However, I've noticed a tremendous difference in different gas stations. I always only put the highest octane fuel (unless it's a monetary emergency) no matter which one I go to. But, I've found two stations in particular in my area that my car really seems to like. And, I have also noticed a difference between the same name gas stations like Exxon/Mobile, there is one Mobile were I gas up and I never have any problems with my car hesitating or anything but, there's another one I stopped at in a pinch and it was horrible. She hated it, it was like it was either watered down or had a lot of trash or something in it. I won't go there again. I've mostly just done little things to my car. The girl that had her before me really didn't take the greatest care of her. So, I've mainly focused on fixing odd and end stuff that she mucked up. (She had no concept of distance what so ever.) The bumpers and runningboards all have scratches and crap. I've also been replacing a few things on the interior that were bugging me because they were beat-up etc...I retinted the windows back to limo tint (which is illegal here in CA). But, I have to say, I think it looks pretty smashing!

I wasn't sure what had been done as far as upkeep on her so, I've been making sure that everything is taken care of. I've replaced the plugs, wires, air filter (w/ a k & n), oil change, battery change (the other one had a defect), new belts, got the air conditioning fixed, done massive cleaning to the carpets and the seats. Etc...Etc...Etc... I basically just tried to start at ground zero to make sure what kind of condition she was in before I go investing the dinero of souping her up. Now, I'm really ready for more :eyepoppin I'll try and get some pictures to post soon. Anywho, I really appreciate the feed back guys. Talk to you soon.

Where are you from?

I think your best bet is to take it to a dealer and get it inspected. Once you have the list (and they may have a maintenance record on the car, if the previous owner took the car to any Ford Dealership -it's all centralized in a database), you can work on what it's going to take to keep it shipshape.

You can also find out if all the recall work's been done . . .

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