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Originally Posted by tex117
ok so a cai will give roughlly 10 hp, therefore the exhaust is only giving 2 hp?
and if so do you mean his exhaust or any v6 exhaust thats on a fairly stock motor? cause i know i got more than 2 hp out of my 2" true dual exhaust.
You can't add it up. HP is ultimately determined by airflow, fuel and cam.

If you don't change the cam, the MOST you can pick up from a CAI and dual exhaust is 17-20 in the BEST of conditions. And that's for a 99+ car, for a pre-98, it'll be 20-25% less because the engine simply cannot flow that much air.

CAI may get you anywhere from 5-12 hp, depending on heatsoak, quality of filter, and flow.

2" is perfect for exhaust tubing, you lose a lot of hp & tq when you install 2.5" exhaust pipes or larger.

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