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Unhappy Heater Core, HELP!!!! [1983]

Alright, so, I've been on the internet searching all day for advice on how to do this job.
All I've really found out is that you have to move back the dash 8", or completely to get at the top of the box. And that the job takes an average of 4 hours.
I myself am not doing this, my father is.. who doesn't have internet access..

He's wondering if it is possible to remove the core and replace it through the bottom of the box?
Also, if he can cut the box, replace the core, and somehow reseal the box?

I would preferably like to find somekind of step-by-step procedure to be sure he won't **** it up. We don't have any manuals for it either.

If ANYBODY can give ANY advice on any part of this job, it is much needed!!!

P.S. - I hope this is in the right forum, if not.. direct me please!

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