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Originally Posted by Tyneddelt View Post
Okay, i do have an upgraded headunit i wanted to do that before anything. its the pioneer ddx419. i have blown the stock door subs and i was looking at these Kicker Audio 8 Inch Woofers for replacements. i just want some loud bass (i am in high school btw ) not really looking for anything else, although i may put some shelby/kicker 6x8 speakers in just because i will be replacing the door subs. i might as well while im inside the door. my budget is hard to say right but i would guestimate around $800 for the budget. i guess i could wire it myself, may take some time and learning but im up for the challenge.
You have a headunit which is good. Honestly, the part that takes the longest during install is taking the car apart. I mapped my whole setup on paper. Drew a basic blueprint of where the wires would go and everything. Just makes install and budgeting way easier...atleast for me haha.

I would say $800 could get you some decent stuff! If your all about bass then I would probably recomend saving that 149 on shelby replacements. They are good if your running the shaker500 with no sub, but your two 12's are going to drown them out. I had the shaker500 and I disabled my factory 8's when I added my sub. Quality of bass was better from my new 10" anyhow.

Sonic has those Kicker CompVRs for $155 for 2.

They are Dual 4 ohm. So probably wire them down to 1 ohm with 800 watts rms. Check out the wiring guide on the subwoofers page.

Maybe match them with this amp

The gain has to be set right since its got 1200 rms at 1 ohm. And you only need 800. You could get higher power subs. But $155 + $238 = $393. You just need a box, a sub wiring kit, a set of RCAs..and I think your done (accessories can get expensive so watch out). You can buy some new 6x8 fronts instead of the shelby sub replacements now.

Do some shopping around too. I was just trying to work with the kicker subs you originally wanted. They will pound though. Almost any double 12" sub combo pushes a lot of air. PW_Pony can attest to that! Im not a complete expert so correct me if ive missed anything.

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