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The MB Quart amp looks to be closer to spec for what you need. 1000 watts x 1 @ 1ohm.

Basically the ratings on the amps for 4 ohm, 2 ohm, and 1 ohm are just telling you what your subs will get if they are wired at 4 ohm, 2 ohm , or 1 ohm.

Example, the RE Audio amp you have there lists 1000 watts at 2 ohms and 1400 watts at 1 ohm. If you have your subwoofers wired at 1 ohm and hook then up to the amp, they will get 1400 watts because they only have 1 ohm resistance. If you had the subs wired for 2 ohms, then that amp would send them 1000 watts like it says.

Its all in how you wire your subs. Configure it to the ohms resistance you can first. Then find an amp that can give you the power you need at that ohm resistance.

Most subs are single voice coil. But those CompVRs are dual voice coil. So when you look at their wiring diagrams they have more wiring options. Dual voice coil is pretty cool cause it gives you so much more flexibility for choosing amps.

As for capacitors, you should be ok. They look cool though. Ive read on some forums that they dont do much. Im running about 800 watts rms as well off my 2011. I have no electrical upgrades like capacitors, isolators, big 3 etc. And ive been fine.

Snoop around some car audio forums too. They have lots of stickies tabs on "how to's" that are a great read prior to install. This was the first time I have actually installed a car stereo system. I was a bit nervous, but its really not all that bad. Just read and watch some youtube clips. Like power wire runs down the opposite side of your car than your remote turn on wire, where to bolt the ground wire, etc. I didnt know all the fundamental do's and don'ts of car audio either. I had no clue about voice coils or anything. My setups in high school I had my parents pay a shop lol. You can always take that route as well, but I kinda like doing my own mods now.

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