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Originally Posted by SwapMeet
Helpful Info:
2000 Ford Mustang

Well, went and got all the basic parts as recommended by the helpful people on this forum. Picked up a set of Hawk brake pads, and a set of standard Brembo rotors. I had a Hayes shop manual, and also the brake guide from this site.

Took the tires off, and I'm staring at my brake assembly. I've been trying to get the caliper off for the past hour with no luck. The Hayes manual is no help, it just says to remove the back pin (bolt), and slide the caliper assembly up. I'm trying my damndest to remove that back pin, but it just keeps just keeps moving, it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. I went ahead and tried to remove the forward facing pin as well, on the other side of the caliper, I got it loose, but now I can't seem to loose/tighten it. It just spins in place with a ratchet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Everybody says to compress the piston with a c-clamp, but I'm not sure how that works. The piston doesn't seem like it's exposed to any part of the brake assembly. Any suggestions?
Ok i have not done this... but i can help with the removal of the caliper... the nut on the back will spin as you turn it... this is why you have to take a open ended wrench and hold it on what looks like a black cylinder just before the caliper nut... this will allow you to turn the nut, thus removing the caliper

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