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Originally Posted by Beyond
i thought the 255 was the width?
the heavier the combination, and the farther towards the edge the weight is carried will slow you down as far as acceleration.

The width alone is a factor of air resistance, which is why professional drag racers use skinny tires up front for 100+ mph runs, the resistance can be considerable.

but as far as hooking, and torque, your fastest rear wheel combination should be wide enough to get traction with a little wheelspin, and the smaller diameter of rim that you can fit the better. It distributes the weight closer to the hub (rotational mass goes down) and the tire has less material in the sidewall (rotational weight goes down as does overall mass).

This is NOT the choice for road race or autocross, where acceleration is not as important, and lightweight sidewalls flex too much.

but the larger the diameter of the wheel and the shorter the sidewall, the higher the rotational mass, and the more torque it takes to turn them. The result is less acceleration.

If you sit and spin on a bar stool, you'll see what happens when you extend your legs, then pull them back in, your MASS is the same, but when you extend your legs you'll slow down, pull them back in, and you'll speed up.

Does that make sense?

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