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Originally Posted by my05toy
Hey Mrvandermey,

Nice ride! I like your shorty antenna. Can you tell me where you got it and how good the reception is? Thanks.
Thank you for the compliment, I kind of like my girl as well, but then again, I am just a little biased.

As for the antenna, the one in the picture I believe is a 14 inch rubber antenna that I picked up from Kragen (or Shucks) for about $15. I currently have a 6" metal shorty antenna installed that I got for about $29.00, but I can not remember where I got it from. I got it online, and I think I got the website from a previous thread here. As for reception, for the most part either antenna does well. I have found on the 6" shorty antenna, that my reception fades quicker than before, but other than that, it is all good.
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