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Originally Posted by jlawrence613 View Post
If we are talking coupes only, how much more or less weight is there between the trims? Its probably negligable I would think. And any advantage on one or the other would almost certainly be removed due to driver weight wouldnt you say?

How much more does leather interior, brushed aluminum dash, and a sync module weigh?
Perhaps we should find out once and for all by requesting that people drive on a scale at the track (or recycling yard) staying in it and noting the weight. Not a "have to" of course, but it would be nice if someone in a premium could take less than a minute to drive up on a scale at a track. The car should have the approximate amount of fuel (1/4 to 1/3 tank) noted at the time of weighing. If they want to remove the jack/spare tire/spare tire cover (if applicable) ...note that too. If we can get a couple of premiums to do this, we should be able to get a good idea of the difference the leather, power seat, extra wiring, spoiler, wheels (pony package), etc, weighs.

Houston and the area surrounding it is a large area and surely we have some members down there that would drive up on the scale at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown. It's on the way back to the pits. Write down the overall weight on the slip and later subtract how much the driver weight is.

I understand that not all tracks have scales like that though. I know one is in Baytown though and, again, a recycling yard will do this too.
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