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Originally Posted by Kingbayo View Post
so, i wake up this morning to find my left rear tire is flat. Im reading all the posts, and it seems, that if I use the goo, I will have to replace my tire and tpms. Heres the thing, in about 3 or 4 months, I plan to get a new set of tires and rims from american muscle, which also comes with the monitoring system. Should I just go ahead and use the goo? seeing as though Im in line for new wheels soon??? or
should I take it to a shop and have them plug it or something...
Did you snoop it and find where the tire was punctured? If it's in the sidewall, there's not much you can do need a new tire. If its in the treads it can be repaired. If it's leaking between the lip and rim, maybe it just needs to be sealed/remounted (as long as the rim is not damaged).

My Opinion: If you can inflate the tire and safely get to a shop then take it there and have it plugged. I would only use the mobility kit in an emergency if you're out in the middle of nowhere and can't get help.

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