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Originally Posted by Monkey Boy
You'll need a 4.6 engine, a 4.6 wiring harness, a 4.6 computer, a T45 or T3650 transmission, an 8.8 rear end, a 4.6 exhaust sytem, 4.6 radiator w/ hoses, a 4.6 A/C system( if you are going to keep your air conditioning), all of the sensors and vaccum hoses, an air filter and air filter housing and intake tract from a 4.6, 4.6 gauges, 4.6 motor mounts, all of the tools to do the install, and lots of money.

My point: it's cheaper to sell your V6 stang and buy a V8 stang than it is to do a swap.
i think that if you know what you want to do with the car... then its not a bad idea to drop a motor into it... this way you can get the one that you really want... but if your talking the bone stock 4.6L, then its going to be expensive... you maybe able to find a used one with low miles... this would make the price lower

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