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Originally Posted by nickofsteele
I was told todaythat my 2002 Mustang V6 has a cracked manifold. It was making a rhythmic ticking sound for awhile (almost like the sound of a pressure cooker) when it first started up, then the sound would go away as the car warmed up. Last night it did this sound, then started driving horribly, with violent shaking of the motor and car, and poor acceleration. If reved up enough it would stop, but back at idle it would continue to shake. The check engine light came on, blinked, then stayed on. The mechanic today said it was an issue with the plugs and wires ($300) and also a cracked manifold ($300-$400). He said that he is speaking with the Ford dealers nearby and they might fix it due to warranty (I guess he's referring to the recall because the manufacturer's warranty expired, the car is now at 44,000 miles). But it is not for sure.

Can anyone give me any info on this recall? I've gone to the link on, but can't seem to find specific information. ANY help would be appreciated. I am a new Mustang owner and don't want this situation to turn me off from buying Fords.

Thank you!

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the manifold had nothing to do with the shaking of the car, and a 44,000 miles I doubt the plugs and wires had anything to do with it either.

I'd guess a dirty MAF, just spray it with computer contact cleaner.

The exhaust manifold is a voluntary recall. If you complain about it, they'll generally replace it . ..

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