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Originally Posted by lovcom
Kitty, I would definately get the extended warranty. You're coming from a very reliable Civic to the Mustang, one of the worse cars you can get for dependability, and a Ford, and Domestic Ford at that. Every single domestic car I've ever purchased, I got the extened and every single time it paid for it's self with the first major problem. I maintain my cars by the manual and even so, and in every case something major will happen costing in the thousands, had I not had the extended warranty. It may be a bit costly, but many dealers can be pressured to sell it to you for 25% - 40% off MSRP, so lean on them hard if you decide to get it. I have it with my V6 premium, and by the way, according to Consumer Reports, the 2005 Mustangs have a predictive reliability rating of very bad, so buyer beware. Usually it just takes one major problem for the warranty to pay for it's self. My 2003 Expedition at 38,000 needed the transmission replaced, two warped rooters replaced, the rear differential replaced, two window motors replaced, the seal between the engine and transmission replaced, and the side molding replaced for fading....this could've cost me many thousands!!

It's not a racket I assure you....Still I wish the deductable was lower...$50.

As for shifting, I shift at 2,000 RPM....1,500 is generally too low and you could stress out the engine and over time cause damage if you continually lug it. The low-end torque of the v6 provides safe shifting at 2,000, and to shift at higher revs only wastes gas, and to skip gears also will waste gas. I only saft well above 2,000 if I want to really hit it hard, but that is the exception and not the rule.

Ah! the troll is moving to other sectors!

As loing as the car doesn't buck, whatever RPM you shift is fine. If you want, go ask click and clack.

Lovcom seems doesn't know the first thing about cars, maintenance, and seems to think heat causes engine damage, when everyone know's it's friction.

Most of the items causing problems for the mustang are minor, and are taken care of at no cost to the consumer.

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