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Originally Posted by 01greenV6
I've had somewhat of a problem like this a couple of times. As I was pulling onto the highway, I hit around 50 MPH, and being that my Check Engine Soon light is always on because of my O2 sensors, my check engine light started blinking. Never had this problem before, but as I was trying to accelerate it felt as if it was struggling to gain speed. It started sputtering and it felt as if I was almost to the floor with the pedal and nothing was happening. All of a sudden it just cleared up. I had the same problem with that again, and then a 3rd time. But after the 3rd time it stopped doing it. Haven't the problem since then. But my car is a 2001 and has a little over 46k miles on it.
It's usually a dirty MAF or you need to change your fuel filter.

That really has nothing to do with O2 sensors or a cracked manifold. The car runs fine with bad 02 sensors.

When it bucks or doesn't accelerate it has to do with the air/fuel mixture. Either it's not getting enough fuel (contamination in the fuel lines plugging the filter for a while) or the computer can't get the air/fuel mixture right, usually due to contamination of the MAF wires.

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