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Originally Posted by xx-cecil-xx
My goal is to just have more HP for driving around on the streets and maby race a few friends here and there for fun... not really sure on the budget cause ill save money for it over time so i will eventually get it i just want a list to have so i can cross stuff as i get it so i dont procrastinate and stuff you know
With as old as your car is, you should get some subframe connectors 1st. The kind you get will depend on how serious you are.

for power, get some underdrive pulleys, they're inexpensive, and they'll give your car the most boost in hp, right away.

you can find them at several places, but without knowing where you are, it's hard to say what'll be the cheapest counting shipping.

look at or -they generally have the cheapest prices. Laurel Mountain Mustang has 'em pretty cheap, too.

You're not gonna get much from a CAI, because you'll really need some porting to be able to use the increased airflow. A drop in K&N filter will work as well as anything.

the 94-98s really benefit from exhaust upgrades, even if it's only swapping the muffler for a better flowing flowmaster, bassani, or magnaflow. If you go too big on the exhaust pipes, you'll lose a ton of hp/tq. SO if you swap to dual, makle sure the pipes are mandrel-bent, and are no larger than 2.25" diameter.

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