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Originally Posted by kscoyote
Ah! the troll is moving to other sectors!

As loing as the car doesn't buck, whatever RPM you shift is fine. If you want, go ask click and clack.

Lovcom seems doesn't know the first thing about cars, maintenance, and seems to think heat causes engine damage, when everyone know's it's friction.

Most of the items causing problems for the mustang are minor, and are taken care of at no cost to the consumer.
KSCoyote, I don't appreciate your insults, your name calling. I NEVER suggested that friction was not the cause of engine put words in my mouth! A high revving Honda 2L will ALWAYS last longer then any and all domestic big V8's....and the Honda rev's you see, higher RPM's don't necessarily mean more friction.

You show you're stupidity when you knock down others to prove your point. You're an A$$ suggest to Kitty that she should shift her V6 at 1,500 RPMS is stupidity times 1,000!
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