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Originally Posted by kscoyote
The MAF can be leaned with computer contact cleaner, and isn't that big of a deal, neither is the tps sensor not being fully plugged in and the air vent hose being lose. all of that took what, 10 minutes? And the shop (of course) charged an HOUR of service.
Again, I just stated that other things can set off a CEL and not really show a major drivable issue, so stop giving excuses of whats a big deal or not and how easy it is to fix. That's the " I had no clue what I was talking about, so I am going to smooth it over" reply. Plain and simple you are wrong.
Yes the shop charges a diag. What one doesn't? Do you go to the doctor and not pay for any services performed or a routine checkup if you do not have insurance? Exactly. In the automotive field you are paying for the fact you do not have the experience nor skill to do the job, just like doctors lawyers, etc. So don't cry because of it.

Most of the time a dirty MAF will show driveability issues, AND rarely shows up on the CEL, since the computer doesn't know anything's wrong (it's an incorrect reading). ECT and IAT will also have driveability issues.
You must not work on cars for a living because.
One, A dirty maf can cause a CEL to come on. See it quite often.

Two, IAT and ECT do NOT always create a driveability issue. I have had an ECT code thrown on my own car and the car didn't run any different, nor was it hotter than normal. Sometimes the circuits themselves act up and may be enough to trigger a DTC. All I did was scan it with my scanner at the house and reset the code, no more codes were thrown

You are correct, the VSS WON'T show driveability issues, but it's highly unlikely on a 40,000 mile car, unless there's something upstream, which WILL show up in driveability.

I'm not saying anyone shouldn't get it checked out, but I am saying it's probably nothing to panic or otherwise worry about.
I have seen a 7,000 mile transmission crap out, seen an 03 cobra shifter come right out of the tranny when I worked for Ford. You will be suprized at what you can see and what mileage is on the vehicle.

I never said to panic either. I just simply pointed out you are giving her some bad advice and that she can get it scanned for free to put her mind and worries at ease. Just because your experience with a company car doesn't justify it as good tech advice of what to do on another car.

As for the CAI, who said anything about a CAI?
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