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Originally Posted by blackfang
He had a stock air filter. I told him he had to have messed with the TPS for it to come loose(not all the way off), but he had the factory airbox and a paper filter. :laughlitt There you go assuming again. If I recall, The car had 80k+ on it.

I would not ignore anything that throws a code that is coolant related. I would look into it first to determine what it is. Same with the IAT which affects the air fuel delivery. Again, something to look into.

As for checking the cel at an oil change,
No shop that changes oil will pull a CEL for free except Jiffy lube or any other quick lube places that do not have flat rate techs. My dealership won't do it, nor did the Ford dealership I worked at did it Nor a few smaller repair shops like merchants/NTB/Tirekingdom when I worked there as a tech. Firestone, Pep Boys, nor Goodyear will. They will gladly do it for some diag time usually 5 tenthsto 1 hour time, but it will not be free, unless they use a General"I just do oil changes" Service tech do it.
However, that doesn't mean you have stopped a potential problem. Some people do not know what to look or listen for when it comes to poor performance. Her going to autozone and having it scanned for free on her way home from work won't help and could possibly benefit her.

It very well may be, however being on a car site doesn't make you an expert who can diagnose online without even looking at the car(those guys are the wrost and should be avoided). There are plenty of retards online that aren't techs, nor know what they are talking about. That doesn't make you nor them the expert. Hell I am not even an expert and I work in the field.
I go off of experience in working on cars, selling service for a living, not being on a website killing time. I am smart enough to know not to diag online and assume what something is without even looking at it. I have better things to do than look at your 7k posts that proves nothing but luck.

I agree oxygen/air fuel sensors aren't anything too major to worryabout. However lets get a few things straight.
1. You have not diagnosed the vehicle by looking at it
2. You have not determined what is causing that CEL to come on
3 You can't say for sure if it is or isnt anything to worry about, see 1&2
4 You are going off an assumption.

I am not gonna argue anymore on someones assumptions. You can, but then again you should have ran for President

I always take my car to the dealership, and not only do they pull the codes for free (you can actually do it yourself) but they wash and vacuum my car for free, too.

you can jump me however much you want, but if it goes away intermittently, and there's no driveability issues, I wouldn't worry much about it.

every example you've given has driveability issues, even the ones that don't won't harm your engine, though you may experience some loss in mpg. there's nothig that will harm the engine.

It's just nothing to worry about.

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