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Originally Posted by intmdtrdal
this is from a guy who reads consumer reports the most byassed magazine towards japenese cars. Any jap car i see on the road ten years or older is always smoking out the tailpipe. i never see an American car do that. Plus American cas are built much stronger than jap cars. jap cars are tin cans
Consumer Reports see cars as appliances.

Their survey comes from its readers, not the entire population. Nor do they ask what a "significant" problem is. THe bias is not from consumer reports, it's from the readers of consumer reports.

JDPower gathers data from ALL owners, and pulls the codes from manufacturers of ALL vehicles. there is a methodology as to what is a "significant" problem, and minor annoyances.

It's why JDPower is the industry standard, and no manufacturer uses Consumer Reports in their advertisements.

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