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Fog Lights

This is probably the sort of question that has been asked a million times, and now people just roll their eyes at it, but I must ask; 1996 V6 Mustangs, are they wired for them from the factory? I read on one site a while back that All 1994-1996 V6 Mustangs were wired for them, some 1997s were, and no 1998s were.

I can see wires that have plugs for the light bulbs right where they should be, but that wouldn't mean anything if I couldn't get power to them. So I suppose my question really is: Do 1996 V6 Mustangs have the wiring to turn the fog lights on, so that all I would need is the lights, brackets and a switch, or would I need to buy the lights, brackets, switch, and serveral feet of wire?

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