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Do It Yourself!

Originally Posted by Kmagn13
OK so i got my gears in... but i really want to put them in myself... can anyone give me a walkthrough on how to do it...i really want to do the work, without help from my machanic... lol... that is unless i break something
Hi. Log on to the "AutoZone" site. There's a do it yourself section. It has pictures, tips, exact method, what to avoid, etc., etc. I printed out all the directions I need to replace my differential when the "Stang" comes out of the barn in May. I should add this 'caveat', it's more tech than doing plugs, so be a confident person with the wrench. I'm doing my own but I've overhauled a couple of engines and replaced a rear-end, back in the 60's. In fact, I'm in my 60's and to me this is fun from my youth. I'm using 'motivegear' and purchased a bearing & shim kit from them which includes the gear dye to check your depth set and alignment [instructions on what that all is at the "AutoZone" site]. I'm only sorry I can't give you more until after May '06, when I'll have discovered the difference between a '95 "stang" and the '63 Chevy I did 40 years ago. Good luck, once you've done it, it's a walk in the park the next time.

'95, white convertable, auto trans, under drive pulley, cai, 3:73 gear. Just enough snap for a 62 year old kid! (my wife's a blond so the top MUST be down, or she won't get in!!)
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