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Originally Posted by great_gazzo
can anyone help me i was wondering if someone could tell me what would cause my battery to go dead and a humming noise to come from my rear speakers please help
If your alternator isn't charging it correctly, it could go dead. The alternator slowly died in my zx2 - guages stopped working one by one and then I had to pull over. Not a fun experience The bearings in the alternator were shot so I needed a new belt, alternator and battery. I was told that the belt was frayed and worn to begin with.

So the car won't start at all then? Can you get it to start by jumping the battery? If so, how long will it work for after you jump start it?

Is the humming noise coming from just the rear speakers? Change the fader to the fronts and see if you can still hear it. I had engine humming from all 4 speakers in my zx2 because of a bad ground in my cdplayer wiring harness. I don't think humming in the speakers could come from a dying/low charged battery - but it would make sense I guess.

Hope this helps.

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