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My Exhaust Sucks

Ok so I bought some exhaust thinking it would make my car sound like a V8 (It was the Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Backô System) But once I fired it up and reved it I was pretty Dissapointed with the sound. Some one suggested to me that I get some X-pipe or H-Pipe........But they only bolt up to dual exhaust setups (meaning instead of having two pipes to connect to mine only has one) my question was is there any way i can get X-pipe or H-pipe or any mid-pipe for that matter to make my car sound better with the cat-back system i have on it now? I was also thinking there might be an adapter but then i am not sure if i can get both headers and mid-pipe (might as well get my exhaust finished right away) Any suggestions??

Thanks Mike

P.S. If you don't know what I am talking about when I say my exhaust doesn't have 2 seperate pipes to connect to just look at this site and u should see what I am talking about.

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