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Originally Posted by BBYSVTRVA
ok well since i have done alot of reearch on cams heads and upper and lower intakes i am wonderin the process of seapping in a carb 5.0 motor i know it will bolt up t othe tranny and **** like that but will it bolt in my chassis and how will i get rid of the ecu and wire the new 5.0 carb engine up to start by the key????? i dont want to invest in another car this is y i am curious i can beat gts as is now but i want more raw power and better sound to. so if any 1 has any input on if a older 5.0 carburator motor will bolt up and wire up to this chassis!!!! or if i can buy me a 5.0 running car that runs and drives
It'll cost you at least $2000 to get get teh electronics & anti-theft stuff to work with that combination. + you'll have to get new exhaust parts, k-member (I'm pretty sure), a new rear-end, struts & springs.

Running a carbed engine may be illegal in your state, you you'll want to check that out as well.

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